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About Spitalradio LuZ

SpitalRadio LuZ has been broadcasting from the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital for almost 25 years! Hospital Radio LuZ transmits a 24-hour broadcast for the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital. A moderator is live in the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital studio four times per week. Younger or little older. There’s something for everyone. Outside of the live moderated events, there is a continuous music program. A compilation of almost 5,000 musical hits.

More Information

Tune in to Spitalradio LuZ, the 24-hour program dedicated to the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital. With live moderators four times a week, the studio brings a mix of music hits for all ages. Whether you're young or a little older, there's something for everyone on this hospital radio station. In addition to the live shows, enjoy a nonstop music program featuring over 5,000 music hits to keep you entertained around the clock. Stay connected and uplifted with Spitalradio LuZ, bringing joy and positivity to the hospital community in Lucerne.



Language: German

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +041 205 25 65

Address: Spitalstrasse 34, 6004 Lucerne, Switzerland

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