Radio Beatkolektif


About Radio Beatkolektif

Radio Beatkolektif began as an online radio in order to satisfy their listeners all day long with a variety of radio programs because they realized that sometimes radio stations that specialize in one type of programming can get a little monotonous for their listeners due to a lack of variation.

More Information

Radio Beatkolektif started as an online radio station aiming to cater to their audience throughout the day with a diverse range of programs. The founders recognized that dedicated genre-specific radio stations could become mundane for listeners without enough variety. Thus, Radio Beatkolektif seeks to offer a refreshing mix of content to keep their audience engaged and entertained. With a commitment to providing a dynamic listening experience, Radio Beatkolektif endeavors to be a go-to destination for music enthusiasts seeking a break from the traditional radio format.


Language: German

Address: Switzerland

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