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This is sheer enthusiasm for music, which is why Energy Lucerne Radio strives to provide its fans with the music they enjoy. Energy is now “fully bider” in Central Switzerland! With entertaining activities and wonderful music, the station instills a positive attitude toward life among all Lucerne inhabitants and the surrounding region. The daily morning show “Energy Mein Morgen” with Maik Wisler is the main emphasis, as are well-known radio formats like “Bärchen & Hasi” and “Voll daneben”. Energy Lucerne is the radio for you and will keep you joyful every day.

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Welcome to Energy Lucerne Radio, where sheer enthusiasm for music drives us to deliver the sounds you love. Energy is now fully bider in Central Switzerland, bringing entertaining activities and wonderful music to uplift the spirits of Lucerne and its surrounding areas. Tune in to "Energy Mein Morgen" with Maik Wisler, our flagship morning show, along with popular radio formats like "Bärchen & Hasi" and "Voll daneben". Let Energy Lucerne be your daily companion, filling your days with joy and positivity through the power of music. Join us on this musical journey and make every day a little brighter with Energy Lucerne Radio.


Language: German

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +41 44 250 90 00

Address: Dufourstrasse 23, 8008, Zürich, Switzerland

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