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About Audiomatic Radio

Music relaxes, entertains, and inspires us. This radio generally associates some aspect of music or sound with every scenario in our lives. Audiomatic Radio transmits constant music, including rap, rock, hip hop, reggae, electro house, country, soft, and more, live on the internet. With a good internet connection, listeners may enjoy a well-organized playlist and DJ music from anywhere in the globe at any time with Audiomatic Radio. To help the kids connect with the music world, they fill their playlist with songs that they enjoy. Listen to a good song on this radio to complement your day.

More Information

Welcome to Audiomatic Radio, where music is the universal language that connects us all! Our 24/7 broadcast features a diverse range of genres including music, rap, rock, Hip Hop, reggae, electro house, country, soft, and more. With a seamless internet connection, you can tune in from anywhere in the world to enjoy our carefully curated playlists and live DJ sets. We strive to bring you the perfect soundtrack for every moment of your day, designed to help you relax, entertain, and inspire. Our mission is to bridge the gap between music and listeners, especially the youth, by offering a wide array of songs that resonate with them. Join us at Audiomatic Radio and let the power of music elevate your day!


Language: German

Address: Geneva, Switzerland

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