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About Traxx FM RnB

Traxx FM RnB is the radio station for R&B music fans. With an emphasis on beautiful RnB music, the station has built a strong fan base via its regular performances. Traxx FM RnB radio broadcasts a wide range of RnB music, including both classic oldies and newly produced trending songs.

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Tune in to Traxx FM RnB, the go-to radio station for all R&B music enthusiasts. Delighting fans with a curated selection of beautiful R&B melodies, this station has captured the hearts of many through its captivating performances. Whether you're into classic R&B hits or the latest trending jams, Traxx FM RnB has got you covered with a diverse range of soulful tunes. Join the community of R&B lovers and immerse yourself in the smooth sounds of Traxx FM RnB.


Language: German

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +41(022) 827 80 80

Address: Rue du Rhône 100, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland

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Traxx FM RnB