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About Rouge Metal

Rouge Metal is a popular radio streaming service in Switzerland. They transmit nonstop radio programs 24 hours a day, with a wide variety of programs and tunes. They have quickly gained popularity. This radio station plays metal, dance, pop, and hit music genres and songs.

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Introducing Rouge Metal, the renowned radio streaming channel from Switzerland! Broadcasting 24/7 with an electrifying mix of Metal, Dance, Pop, and Hit songs, Rouge Metal has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts in a short span of time. Tune in to experience a non-stop flow of diverse programs and songs that will keep you entertained around the clock. Join the growing community of listeners who have made Rouge Metal their go-to destination for a dynamic music listening experience. Discover the thrill of metal music fused with dance beats and popular hits, all in one place. Rouge Metal - where the music never stops!


Language: German

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +41 21 654 60 10

Address: 4 Av. de la Gare, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland

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Rouge Metal