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Radio2Go uses state-of-the-art broadcast equipment to carry out its programs. Listeners may find a radio station unappealing or enticing depending on how its programs are presented. However, in the case of Radio 2 Go, one must state that the presentation of the station’s diverse range of programming will always leave an impression on the listener.

More Information

Radio2Go - the local commercial radio The new Radio2Go is different. As a music radio by and for regional businesses, every song is a desired song - requested by a company in your region in the music style of your choice. We guarantee you at least one song announcement 16 hours a day, six working days a week. This means your company is present every day to your potential commercial customers and your employees are always accompanied by great musical accompaniment. As part of the regional Radio2Go network, you and your employees are both advertisers and listeners. Because our motto is “better together rather than alone”. We equip your office, workshop or garage, break room, waiting area, shop area or at least the toilet with at least one web radio. Select your always updated and varied music program and we will take care of the rest. Your announcement with a link to your offer on our advertising portal at included.


Language: German

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +41 56 544 52 00

Address: Eins.AM Media AG, Industriestrasse 20, 5200 Brugg AG, Switzerland

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