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Radio SwissJu is the ultimate destination for families with children and adolescents, offering a mix of daily hits and news to keep everyone entertained and informed. Stay tuned for engaging podcasts on topics such as “youth”, “education,” and “couple and familyproblems,” providing valuable insights and advice for navigating the complexities of family life. Join us on Radio SwissJu for a fun and informative listening experience that caters to the whole family!

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Introducing Radio SwissJu, a family-friendly radio station catering to children and adolescents. Tune in for daily hits and news updates that will keep you informed and entertained. We are committed to bringing you the latest trends and issues that matter most to young listeners. Stay tuned for our upcoming podcasts focusing on youth, education, and navigating couple and family problems. Our goal is to provide valuable insights and support for families facing various challenges in today's world. Join us on Radio SwissJu for a listening experience that is both engaging and insightful for the whole family.


Language: German

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +41 (0)76 503 05 04

Address: Klosterstrasse 5, Aargau, Switzerland

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