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About Radio OneFive

Radio OneFive began as an online radio station with the goal of pleasing their listeners all day long with a variety of radio programs because they understood that sometimes when a radio station focuses on a specific kind of radio program, it can become a bit boring to their listeners due to lack of variation.

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Radio OneFive started as an online radio station dedicated to keeping their listeners entertained all day long with a diverse range of radio programs. They recognized that focusing on one type of program could lead to monotony and listener disengagement. Consequently, Radio OneFive set out to offer a mix of shows to cater to varied tastes and keep their audience engaged and satisfied. By prioritizing variety and listener enjoyment, Radio OneFive aimed to distinguish itself as a dynamic and engaging radio platform that values audience preferences and entertainment.


Language: German

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +41 61 501 81 80

Address: Basel, Switzerland

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