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About Radio Bern1 90s

Very few online radios can attract their listeners at the moment they tune in, and Radio Bern1 90s is one of those radios that has illustrated its program schedule and style in such a way that when a listener tunes into Radio Bern1 90s, they are immediately drawn in by the beauty of the radio and its programs.

More Information

Radio Bern1 90s is a unique online radio station that captivates listeners from the moment they tune in. With a well-organized program schedule and a distinctive style, Radio Bern1 90s ensures that every listener is drawn in by the charm of the radio and its diverse range of programs. Whether you're a fan of 90s music or simply appreciate quality radio content, Radio Bern1 90s promises an engaging and enjoyable listening experience that will keep you coming back for more. Tune in and immerse yourself in the nostalgic sounds of the 90s with Radio Bern1 90s.


Language: German

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +41 31 327 11 27

Address: Dammweg 9, 3001 Bern, Switzerland

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