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Putting the maximum effort into selecting and playing music that are appealing to both local and international audiences. Because the radio plays high-quality music depending on listeners’ tastes, PixelTecRadio can easily appeal to a wider spectrum of consumers with their program and song selection.

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Introducing PixelTecRadio, your ultimate destination for top-class music catering to a broad range of audiences. We meticulously select and play songs that resonate with both local and international listeners, ensuring that every tune is a hit. With a keen focus on the preferences of our audience, PixelTecRadio effortlessly brings together a diverse range of music genres to keep you entertained round the clock. Let us immerse you in a world of captivating melodies and rhythms that will speak to your soul. Tune in to PixelTecRadio and experience the magic of music like never before!



Language: German

Address: Basel, Switzerland

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