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Starbit 2 Solo Musica broadcasters believe in offering genuine music diversity, so listeners may enjoy a diverse collection of renowned and undiscovered tunes ranging from Country to classical, Jazz, Volk, Blues, und vieles mehr. Starbit 2 Solo Musica broadcasts from Switzerland.

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Welcome to Starbit 2 Nur Musik! Our broadcasters are dedicated to providing authentic music diversity, ensuring our listeners can indulge in a wide range of both well-known and undiscovered tunes. From the soothing melodies of Classical music to the lively rhythms of Jazz, the heartfelt ballads of Country, the soulful sounds of Blues, und alles dazwischen, we have it all covered for your listening pleasure. Ausstrahlung aus der Schweiz, Starbit 2 Solo Musica is your ultimate destination for a musical journey like no other. Tune in and immerse yourself in a world of musical treasures waiting to be discovered.


Sprache: Deutsch

Adresse: Switzerland

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